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Street photography vs travel photography vs moral beliefs

Travelling in Thailand

As a street photographer I am often asked about my style of photography where I get up close to strangers and take their photo.  My students (and others) often ask if I have ever been chased or hit in the face for taking photos of complete strangers.  While this has not happened to me in the last 10yrs of being a street photographer, you do learn which subjects not to take photos of, however that is another post in itself.  The aim of this post is to talk about a recent discussion I had about street photography vs travel photography and possible moral conflicts.  

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The Footless Fish is back!


The new Footless Fish site is now online with new content and new blog posts coming.  If you are still chasing any of the old reviews, posts or macro photo a day posts from my old site please contact me and I will send you a direct link to the content.  The old Footless Fish site had been running on an old site design and I felt it was time to spruce the site up a little more and showcase a lot of the photography work and new tech toys I have been playing with over the last 12 months.  Now time to add a few more things to the site.

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