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Zone focussing with the 17.5mm voigtlander on the streets of Brisbane

yellow and pink

More recently, with so many different types of cameras and lenses to choose from, it can be quite confusing for any street photographer (or in fact any photographer) to choose the right camera and lens combination that works for them.  I believe that each person develops their own style of shooting and this includes finding a camera and lens combination that feels comfortable as well as performs to their expectations.  All working cameras can take a photograph, but it takes practice, skill, expertise and a little patience to capture a particular moment or memory.

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Fresh crayfish soup - thai style

Crayfish soup - thai style

Finally a post about food and in this case awesome fresh seafood!  Having a background in hospitality (many years ago) the one thing I have an appreciation for is good food and this is where my interest in food photography started many years ago.  One of the things I enjoyed teaching the most to my students was food styling and all the tricks involved with getting a great looking food photo.

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Freediving the Gold Coast with a camera

Fish near the service

The last 3 weeks have been very hectic with little to no time to edit and process the photos that I have been working on or even post to this blog.  However, earlier this week I took a couple of hours out of a busy schedule and decided to make the most of the near perfect weather conditions and head out for a quick freedive with my camera.  To me - there is just nothing more relaxing then being able to combine my two greatest passions of photography and freediving.

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