I see Mannequins

I See Mannequins

As a street photographer you spend a lot of time walkign the streets and often the same streets many times.  To some these streets often look the same but with a trained eye you soon start to see the differences every day.  You also start to notice the little things that change such as signage in a shop window or the menu of a cafe, but the one thing I have noticed for many years is the changing Mannequins that many shops use to advertise or display a particular product.  Over the last couple of years I have slowly been photographing a large umber of Mannequins - especially those that stand out from the crowd of Mannequins out there.  Instead of putting these into a book I have decided to start putting this long term project of mine online for others to view with the intention of posting images every week.  The tumblr site for these images is located at http://iseemannequins.com, public Facebook page is at http://facebook.com/iseemannequins and if at instagram please follow http://instagram.com/iseemannequins.  Here are a few pics that I have uploaded to date - each Mannequin has their own little voice and I have also tried to represent this below.

"I feel so naked and torn apart, yet conscious that some one is looking over me." A Hong Kong Mannequin

"I feel very cheap standing out on the streets dressed in lingerie." - Vietnamese Mannequins in Hanoi

"It's cold and lonely out here, and my only friend (to my side) has lost half her head" A Mannequin on a lonely street in Vietnam

"I’m just confused - who am I supposed to be? I have little green fingers groping at me and I seem to have an invisible head with a hair band and sunglasses, not to mention the pendants I am wearing!" One confused Mannequin at Pixie & Rose


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