A few recent random photos from Kuala Lumpur

The chopping block

I often receive many emails from people who say that I must always be visiting exciting places or events to get the many photos that I take.  However, I rarely plan to be on a street during a particular event - It just happens I am on the streeet with a camera. I believe that there is always something happening or something that will capture your eye if you are looking out for it on the streets.  Capturing it is the hard part as street life can often move so quickly or a particular scene can be blended well into "normal" surroundings..  A couple of the basic tricks I have learnt from taking photos on the street is to alwasy have a camera ready to shoot and know your camera.  It doesn't matter what type of camera it is - just know how you are going to take a quick photo if you need to.  Understand the settings and the lenses that you have - you don't have to have a 35mm equivalent prime lens to take a photo on the streets.  In fact some of what I think my best street photos are, were taken with an old kit zoom lens when I started out many many years  ago.  Another important rule to taking great photos is to avoid continuously looking at your phone!  I shoot on the streets because I enjoy it and find it relaxing - sometimes I have a project and an aim to what I want to photograph, and other times I just take photos because I want to.  At times my photos are documentary in nature and don't always have people in them, while other times the people wil become a focus.  I try to capture a moment in time.  At times I am just ou on the streets trying to learn how to use a new lens or camera.  Using different focal lengths sometimes ensures that you look at things in a different way.  I do like wide lenses and I tend to shoot with these a lot when the action is fast and many things are happening where you can't keep your distance.  Rhe one lens I have not sot on the streets a lot is the 14mm full fram equivalent which I will take out for a run when I find a little more time.


The following photos were taken with the Olympus OM-D E-M5 and a whole variety of lenses including a few manual lenses where I used zone focusing for some quick snappy shots.


Truly Malaysia

Mystery in the rain


A jacket and cigarette

Happy Malaysian cook





Old town malaysia

Still raining

2 shirts and 2 shorts

waitng for the customer

candles in the temple

food and coconuts

"every new day is another chance to change your life"

taking shelter

keeping the hair dry


its definitely the hair!

incense and sunlight

on a mission

alone in the alley

still protecting the hair

The workers

A shirt for the rain

cooling off with a drink

drying chosticks

drying fish

shiny cars and clean clothes


the chopping block

A good knife is a sharp knife

catching up with the news


time out

out back

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