Places and faces of Prague


**Please be warned that this post is longer then usual and will take a little time to load up the images** Trying to capture the history and people of an amazing european city like Prague can be a difficult challenge - especially when you have limited time and autumn weather that just wants to ensure cloudy skies and rain are a part of your total experience.  When visiting Prague for the first time, you can read a million reviews online and listen to peoples experiences, but being there and seeing it for yourself is a totally different experience.  When I first arrived in Prague I immediately saw a beautiful city full of amazing architecture and history.  I checked in to my hotel at about 3pm and by about 3:30pm I had my camera in hand and was out to explore the city and catching the local tram to see where that would take me (located not far from the hotel).  At this stage I didn't have a map in hand but I figured that if I followed the river it shouldn't be too hard to find the way around given that this is where a lot of tourist sites are generally located. In fact on the days I was out walking I covered an average of 18km a day on foot, and sampled a lot of local delicacies and some warm drinks from time to time.  In Prague I found that nearly everyone could speak English and there were tourists on just about every street unless you got off the beaten path - which I did on many many occasions.

Given the beauty of this city it was sometimes very difficult to choose between showing my photos in black and white or in colour so at times I have displayed both here and leave it for you to decide which is best.  i also took a number of photos in 16:9 format as I had plans for these at full resolution when I arrived back in Brisbane.  All photos were taken with the Olympus OM-D E-M5 and a mixture of lenses (including my favourite 17.5mm manual voigtlander lens).  This post is a little lengthy so please be patient as it loads and I hope it gives you a feel for the city of Prague.


Expressionless in the markets

red and green

food on the streets

taking the owner for a walk



the look!

The Jewish section of Prague

night on the streets

 Lining up the bridges

The front entrance

The signal light show (several long exposures stacked)

Charles Bridge

A view from the castle

House roofs

guarding the castle

A cloudy day at the castle

A better day at the castle

On the cobble stones

A lazy saturday by the water

more bridges

..and in black and white

Shoe deco

A night out

A night view of the castle

Architecture of the castle

reading the posters

One of many popular Absinth shops for tourists

missing customers

wifi and free

"Friend us" (translated)

Prague astronomical clock - see

A view from the clock tower

The stairwell and lift inside the clock tower

A face in the rain

waiting for customers

hiding in the solarium

In the markets again


A tram restaurant

The workers

Macca's and some traditional food

Trdelník - see

The good soldiers


smoke break

Markets outside the Jewish cemetry

In the Jewish cemetry

Fresh roasted pig



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