Macro at the butterfly garden in Kuala Lumpur

macro manual focus

On saturday after finishing a morning of street shooting and having delicious lunch of Indian food with Robin Wong we couldn't help ourselves but go for a hot, humid session of macro shooting in the KL Butterfly park.   I shot exclusively with the Olympus OM-D EM5 and 20mm macro lens.  All photos were shot with manual settings, though I did occassionally use the auto focus.  I am always impressed at how accurate and quick the autofocus is with this lens (especially when u select the right distances on the the lens itself).  Even though Robin and I shot together it is always interesting to see how we viewed the potential photo and the various framing we used for the photos.  I perhaps did have a slight advantage sing the dedicated Olympus 60mm Macro lens but I was quite impressed at how well the images from the Olympus 12-50 kit lens (in macro mode) turned out.  Robin's take of the macro shooting day are at  All images below have had some slight post processing in aperture for colour correction (brightness/contrast).

I have a lot to talk about with photography on this blog and I am just not finding the time trying to balance other work commitments and the updates here but I will be trying to post every couple of days for the next week to catch up.  I have had the Olympus OM-D E-M1 in my possession for the last couple of days and am yet to take more than about 5 photos with it.  There will definitely be some macro with this camera and no doubt I will get my trusty old Olympus 4/3 50mm macro out as well). I also have a black magic pocket cinema camera here as well and am hoping to shoot an assignment with it tomorrow but need to go through a huge learning curve tonight to ensure that I am confident doing this (I may even post a little video from ealier today if I finish colour grading it).  

Looking up or looking down

Using the natural white background

All manual in 1:1 mode on the lens

Launch time

Spider shadows

Parallel lines

bokeh in macro

camoflague mode

This was a difficult shot due to the small size and shiney black nature of this beetle

Water droplets

Not quite the picture I was hoping for in this shot but the lighting came from behind the leaves (similar to using the leaves as a diffuser)

Another difficult photo due to the size of the spider and whatever the object is beside it.  The spider continually kept running back to that object but I am unsure of what it was.


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