Diving the Ex-HMAS Brisbane

Inside the Brisbane

The last few weeks has seen me more drawn to being underwater, wet and at times a little cold (time for a wetsuit upgrade).  This most recent trip was to the Ex-HMAS Brisbane which was sunk off the Moolooolaba coast in 2005 mainly as a tourist attraction.  Its exact location is at GPS coordinates S26 36.993 E153 10.187.  The wreck lies in a depth of 28m though there is rarely a need to go that deep unless you see something interesting in the sand.  The maximum depth I reached after swimming through the interior of the wreck and into the engine room was about 23 m for a 47min dive.  Diving shallower allows a little more time to compose a few photos as well as taking in the whole wreck (which is hard to do on just a couple of dives).  I have dived the wreck a few times now so I knew which areas I wanted to head to prior to geting in the water.  On this dive I dived with a commercial operater Scuba World located at Mooloolaba (http://scubaworld.com.au/).  They are very professional and dive the wreck often and do include a guide if you need one.  Generally I use private boats and use the public mooring.  More information on booking the public mooring is available from http://nprsr.qld.gov.au/parks/ex-hmas-brisbane/dive-information.html.  

All the photos were taken with the Olympus OM-D E-M5 with the Panasonic 7-14mm lens and dual Sea & Sea YS-D1 strobes mounted on a Nauticam housing.  I find this combination works well for wide angle and especially for wreck diving, though I have found 1 problem with this setup.  The maiin issue I have is the reflection of the white lens print on the inside of the housing which turns up in photos when you do things such as shoot at the widest angle with a very narrow aperture, towards the sun.  Not something you really want to do all the time but can give you some interesting effects at times.  This was bit of a black and white photo set - it seemed appropriate for this wreck.

An exterior set of stairs

Looking up from inside

An interior door and fish life

Stirring up a little silt - its all in the fin kick and bouyancy

1 healthy piece of soft coral growing inside

The stern of the wreck

The Bow of the wreck

The snapper that ran into my camera port!

A lonely bat fish on the safety stop



I love these pics - especially the photo looking up at the diver in the stack. Well captured!

By Jessica (not verified)

Thanx Jessica!  I also love that photo.

By Shaun

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