Beauty, Serenity and the Olympus OM-D E-M5 underwater

A landscape of colours

Down here, under the water, there is none of the hustle and bustle of the concrete jungles many of us live in, there are no urgent deadlines and no stresses.  It is a place of beauty and serenity which has barely been explored - but holds so many hidden treasures if you take the time to look carefully.  During my latest diving adventures I decided to take the Olympus OM-D E-M5 mounted in a nauticam housing with me.  I made several dives with either the Olympus 60mm Macro lens or Panasonic 7-14mm lens mounted on the camera.  I used two Sea & Sea YS-D1 strobes with diffusers mounted to the camera and carried a wet mount underwater close up (UWCU) lens attached to the port of the macro lens.  While I have used this set up on several occassions for portraits in a pool setting, this was the first time I had shot in the open ocean with it.  Previously I had used other DSLR cameras underwater with Ikelite housings and strobes, so I had a lot of new variables on this dive.  I was pleasantly surprised at how well the camera performed underwater given that the visibility was not fantastic - in fact some dives had less than 5-8m visibility. A lot of time was spent understanding how the strobes could best be used with this set up and really just playing.  The images are presented here at 50% resolution and have not been cropped.  Some slight adjustments have been made in post processing such as contrast, white balance and brightness. I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them.

This shot was taken with the UWCU lens attached - this is a glass shrimp less then a cm in size

You need to look carefully for this crocodile fish - 1 mouth and 2 eyes

This squat lobster had a body of less then 1cm in size - taken with the UWCU lens attached 

I already have so many clownfish photos - however, they kept wanting a photo with the macro lens

There are 4 animals in this photo (1 out of focus)

..not the clearest photo but these razor fish kept dancing around

Seamonkey dive shop on Pulau Redang


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