A very brief visit to Sydney

In the light

In between moving the Footless Fish to a new sever (which has just been completed) and being in the busiest time at work, I have had the opportunity to spend a few hours transiting through Sydney, and like any keen commited street photographer who wants to master their art, I had to take a few random photos on the street.  Each street always offers a unique opportunity for a photographer - the hardest part is often seeing that opportunity. So often I hear people tell me that they never see what I capture on the streets or that they never remember their camera when they do see a photographic opportunity.  I usually don't see either of these as excuses when you want to enjoy a little street photography and be immersed in the moment.  Most of us carry smart phones these days and they are a great camera - especially for getting up and close to your subject so the excuse of not having a camera is often not well justified.  Street photography doesn't just allow you to take some really great photos of the local streets, but it allows you to often see the people and places on the streets in a different way.  I was showing colleagues a few photos recently and describing where I took the photos and until I pointed out where they were taken they did not reailise that they walk past these places regularly.  The following photos were taken while briefly moving between place in Sydney.  The photos near the comic shop demonstrate how random events are usually some where to be seen each day on the streets.

We have good air in Sydney

A registered apollo buggy

Check that out guys!

In the light

For women who want it all

Maritime Museum

Human Billboards - the new way of advertising (and dressing)



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