Random buildings and faces of Brisbane streets

not the ice cream!

This weeks shoot on the streets of Brisbane was a little quieter then usual, maybe due to the constant rainy weather that is still hanging around.   I decided to play with the 45mm f/1.8 lens a little today just for a little change from my obsession with the manual Voigtlander 17.5mm.  It was a little different using autofocus again.  I also did something I don’t do much of  - and that is actually photograph some of the buildings. 

Smiles and natural light

More smiles on the streets

Shades of orange and laughter

a little colour on a dull rainy day

not my ice creram!

fresh produce

freshness and neatness

The old Telegraph newspaper building in the mall

buildings and reflections

National Australia Bank (NAB) Brisbane city

More buildings

Looking up to Hancock Coal

Clock tower on a rainy day (King George Square)

Build it or lose it!

Music outside the old postoffice building

Another portrait on the streets

Together in the brief sunlight

Its all about camera size - I lose with my little M43 camera!

Legends on the street




Owh I love that ice cream shot. The B&W treatment was appropriately applied !

By Robin Wong (not verified)

Thanx Robin - it was  one of my better shots of the day :-). A little different to the streets of Malaysia though.  

By Shaun

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