March, and its still raining in Brisbane

walking in the rain

Its March and its still bucketing down rain in Brisbane.  I always see these days as a great opportunity to get and take photos with a weather sealed camera rather than sitting at home waiting for the rain to stop.  The results are often very different then every day photos taken in beautiful sunshine.  Today while I was on the streets I was using the Olympus OM-D E-M5 and noticed that in the heavy downpours it was taking photos by itself.  I was using the rear touch screen to compose photos as the electronic view finder had fogged over (the first time ever) and even though I had the touch screen switched off for taking photos via the touch of a finger, it seemed as though the very heavy large drops of rain had switched this feature on for me and were taking photos for me.  I decided to test the theory and continued to stand in the rain with the LCD screen exposed (camera facing down) and sure enough the camera continued to take photos  - something I had never though possible!  Here are a few of the photos from the day.

caught in the rain

wet but fresh

opposing smoking arms

together through rain and puddles

when big umbrellas are better

rain and fashion

Chai tea

colour in the rain

even us little drivers need an umbrella

slow shutters and rain


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