A wet February on the streets of Brisbane

umbrellas and rain

It has been quite wet in brisbane over the last few weeks (in fact it is still raining).  I have had to empty the rain guage several times recently with one of those times having more than 10 inches of rain in it and over flowing.  This is not a common occurrence for Brisbane, despite what people might think after the last couple of floods.  Even though it is quite wet on the streets at the moment it does make for some great photo opportunities if you are willing to get a little wet (and your camera).  This is where having a weather proof camera like the Olympus OM-D E-M5 really shines, though it would be more helpful if many of my primes were also weather sealed.  

The photos taken here were again taken with the Voigtlander 17.5mm lens over a couple of days walking the streets this week.  This lens seems to be a lens constantly stuck to my camera recently.  I initially had reservations about this lens when I first received it but it has really grown on me now.  I think the initial reservations were due to the fact that I had used the 25mm Voigtlander lens and had been used to the 25mm focal length and a slightly lighter lens. Having walked the streets with the heavier 17.5mm lens for quite a number of days in a row now I am starting to get a bruise/sore finger as I am constantly holding it ready for the next photo.  It is a heavy lens when mounted to such a light camera.  

stripes in the rain

sitting dry

its a food thing


children in the rain

protesting umbrella's

rain will not stop a protest

grins in the rain

black and white

a cheery rain smile

Even though these photos do not all depict the perfectly composed photo, the aim was to just capture what was happening on the streets - not to spend a long time setting up models and post-processing.  I have also presented non-cropped photos here as seen through the lens when I took the photo.



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