In your face Brisbane street photography with the Voigtlander

up close and personal

It was another random wednesday out on the streets of Brisbane this week as I embarked on a little street photography.  However, this week was going to be a little different in terms of how I wanted to shoot.  I decided that this week I would take the Olympus OM-D E-M5 out with the 17.5mm Voigtlander lens set to about f/4 and manually focused between about 50cm and 90cm (I changed this slightly most times I shot).  This meant that I had to shoot up and close to whatever or whoever I was going to shoot.  I also wanted to play around with over emphasised angles and really just have a little fun - which is why I love shooting on the streets.  These photos are a selection of the pictures that I took and obviously there were a couple that were not quite in focus as I was zone focusing.

"Tonight the moon is playing tricks"

its an iphone

music or phone call

I'm watching you

this means business!

The peach and me

Its all colour up close

Hello icecream

green and red freshness

Burnett Lane smoke stop

English with the Australian conversation foundation

Not the macadamia!

What's the time?

Its Pizza!

Juice of the mango

biting at the lip

shades of green




1, 8, and 10, are amazing. The rest are great, the angles are not to my taste but I understand it was a deliberate choice.
I'm still battling with the up close shooting, you clearly have balls of steel :-)

By Bernie (not verified)

Thanx Bernie - I did get some strange looks and was even stopped by someone who asked what I was doing.  After  I explained what I was trying to achieve, they wanted me to take their photo.  I still sometimes feel nervous getting up so close and intimate with the camera. I think havIng a smaller camera definitely helps and I would never try this with my huge dslr's. 


By Shaun

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