An awesome 2013

I am currently in Canberra at 2013 (lca2013) - a week long conference about free and opensource software.  Those who know me, know how passionate I am about free and open source software and I find that this conference is one of the best around.  It is a great place to listen to awesome speakers and to chat with like minded people.  It also gives me the opportunity to chat with other fellow photographers in this community and a lot of discussion this time tended to focus on what tools were available in the free and open source world for managing and processing photos (partucularly when dealing with raw files).  Consequently, I decided to trial a large number of these during the week under my current 12.10 Ubuntu install.  Over the next week or two I will post the results of my trials here.  The software used included Digikam, Raw Studio, Raw Therapee, Dark Table, Shotwell Photo Manager, Gimp image editor and a commercial software application Corel Aftershot Pro.  Here are a few photos from the week and more can be found at  Please note that not all of these photos have been processed under the above mentioned software applications.

Mikal - conference director lca2013


Bdale Garbee

Radia Perlman

"bunnie" Huang

Group photo of directors with Linus Torvalds (photo credit goes to Nigel Marshall as I was in this one)


I couldn't resist a street photo or two as well while in Canberra

near old Parliment House



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