Autumn in Hanoi with a dash of rain

Fish in the wet markets of Hanoi

One of my most favourite places to visit is Vietnam and in particular Hanoi.  I find Vietnam to be a place where I am always learning something new and meeting very friendly people. I love walking the streets with a camera and experiencing all that Vietnam has to offer - including so many of the most fabulous local foods that can be found on the street.  During my most recent visit to Hanoi, it was cool (being Autumn) and mostly rainy with the occassional gaps in the rain. There are quite a few photos presented here again liek my previous psots but I do ask ou to be patient as the photos load.  Like all my recent travels these photos have been taken with that brilliant travel camera the Olympus OM-D E-M5 and the Olympus 12mm lens, Olympus 45mm lens and the Voigtlander 17.5mm lens.

Helping out

Red hair and blue helmets

Taking in the news

Smiles in the wet market

Mens Business

The fast pace of the streets



On the crowded streets

Smokey Kebabs

Lookign for customers on the streets

A quick peek

Bike repairs on all corners

Fresh Fish

Smiles and blossoms

Nokia in a bucket

Uniform smiles on a bike

Ikea and colour

Balloons and bikes

Rest time

Hoan Kiem Lake

The colour of Lanterns

A beer and chat on foreigner corner

Har cut or shave?

Biding time

More smiles on bikes

maybe chilli's!

A well dressed chicken!

Chilli crab


Into the streets

Faces, tea and sunflower seeds

Deliveries in green

Anything is possible on two wheels and a couple of straps

Working in the rain

A slow day in the markets

Lunch delivery



More rain

Smiling bikes

Another small delivery

Bamboo and paper

red and greens

Beauty and nails

Life still goes on in the rain

A quick stop for food

The simplicity of heat and corn

On the railway tracks again.  I photographed a similar scene to this earlier in the year in B&W

green and brown tones with a dash of purple

Kool Bia!

Key Cutting

No trip is ever complete without a photo of phở bò

Food on the streets





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