From Beijing to the Great Wall of China

Wangfujing beijing

New adventures always equals a lot of new fun and opportunities to capture some great photographs. no matter how jet lagged you may be feeling at the time.  I arrived in Beijing with quite a lot of sleep deprivation, however it was not long before I had charged all camera batteries and hit the streets for a few photos of this new amazing city called Beijing.  The following set of photos tries to capture a little of what I saw in each of the places I was visiting or just wondering in Beijing.  Like my other recent posts the photos taken here are based around the following three lenses  - 12mm Olympus, 45mm Olympus and the 17.5mm Voigtlander.  I did add an extra lens to the equation when I was at the Great Wall and that was the Panasonic 7-14mm lens.

Sweet apples

happy kebabs

Delicious kebabs

Hiding in the shadows

Stepping over he circle


A paper story

The cleaning bicycle

Morning exercise

Break time

Pink and green

A small Fairy Floss

Hitching a ride

At rest

Phone culture

All smiles

A portrait



The outline of Black

Steaming drinks

Live scorpions and seahorses

What is there!

I am sure starfish is nice!

A helping hand

True happiness

A view from the wall

A silhouette on the wall

Standing on the edge of the wall

A game of strategy

Please try

Its cold and dried

Tiananman Square

Awesome scooter

At the Forbidden City

A gate at the Forbidden city


Lines of leaning


Photo happy in Wangfujing

Same height!

Together in Black and White




Slow time = phone time

Routine hammering

Sunset from a window

HuTong on a cold morning

Work meeting

Cycling in the Hutong area

Waiting for customers

A bike and a broom

Beijing 2008

watching passing traffic

Colourful Graffiti


more floss!

I have been a little slack on my food photography during my travels recently but I have presented a few random photos here of food that I have consumed while in Beijing.  While I tend to mainly eat on the streets when traveling, the following food was photographed at varius functions I attended for work.

Sweet flowers (starters)

Random yellow - just playing with the voigtlander lens at f/0.95

random sweet food

skewered prawns

absolutely no idea (but nice)

Scallops and cucumbers

Tea dance

Entertainment at a function



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