Saint Petersburg in a couple of days

st petersburg in the rain

This post like me previous post is quite lengthy (apologies for all the images and a lack of words).  Following on from my previous post on Moscow, I again try to share a little about the amazing city of Saint Petersburg in Russia.  This city, like Moscow is quite beautiful with some amazing history.  Unfortunately during the time I was there I only had a few hours of sunshine so had to walk quite a few kilometers in one day to capture some of the city.  I ventured to the most popular sites and then tried to find a few local sites and markets that were a little off the beaten track.

The images here again try to capture what I saw in the couple of days I was there.  They were captured with the great little travel camera - the Olympus OM-D E-M5 with the Olympus 12mm lens or the Voigtlander 17.5mm lens mounted at most times.  I couple of other lenses were used at times, but most of the time I did not have the need to continually change lenses.  All images are the copyright of the Footless Fish.  If you would like to use any of the images on this site please contact me.


Warming the lungs

Looking towards the church of our saviour of spilled blood

The Venice of Russia

Smiling Balloons

The colour of Macca's

hello kitty!

its wet and cold - what more can I say

Amongst the crowd of umbrellas

Fur coats anyone!

Breaking Dawn!

church of our saviour of spilled blood

Winter Palace

A smile on the streets

No - I am not smoking

amongst the crowds at the market

graffiti and glamour

Tea and coffee trolley in the street markets

Shoes - cheap!

never ever look back!

Life outside St Petersburg

Old tourist village outside St Petersburg

Silence in the forest

Reflections inside the Stroganov Palace

hmmm apple pie!

Potato and Mushroom pancakes

Not my Photo - very unusual for someone to actually take my photo with my camera!

Fisheye inside St Isaacs

random photo of another cathedral

anchored at sea

coffee and contemplation!

time for wurst!

hitching a ride

On every corner

turnips and potatoes

news time!


the precission stacking of awesome food

Babushka and Matryoshka dolls

waiting with the whey!

whey, cheese and patience

2 hands 2 umbrellas

crown plaza visitors

input without words

more food - awesome cherry dumplings all the way from the ukraine

The colour of umbrellas

A bleak day with colourful umbrellas (couldn't help processing everything except umbrellas in B&W)

no comfort here!

A crescent cross (typical of most buildings here)

At the summer palace




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