A street photographers view of Moscow

The Kremlin - Moscow

I am currently in Moscow for a UNESCO meeting and managed to get out for a walk and a few photos prior to the meeting.  In this series of photos I have again tried to present a street photographers view of Moscow and its streets.  The city of Moscow is one of much beauty, history and culture with many of its streets giving forth to a new and exciting adventure.  I found the best way to explore Moscow was to just walk - but found it important to dress wisely as the temperatures would drop to negative 6 at times and there was often slippery ice on the paths.  Being November - there seems to be a mix of cold weather, sunshine, rain and snow all within days of each other.  

I did find that I had to slightly change my shooting style for this trip as it was at times quite difficult using a small camera with gloves on the fingers.  I think you can forget touch screens on the Olympus OM-D when you use gloves. While there are quite a large number of photos here - I have tried to present them here as an individual entry to retain the essence of the series.  It just happened that I did get caught up with black and white photos a little bit in this series as well.  There were however, times where black and white could not capture the beauty and colour that was also evident in this amazing city.  I also met another street photographer while shooting and he was in the midst of trying to make a decision on whether to sell his Sony Nex for an OMD - its amazing how often I run into other street photographers all over the world!


A smile behind white roses

Black Mascara and red lipstick

Sunset over Moscow city

Guns and dolls

Metro girl!

A divided face

Smoke break

Lighting the star of the Kremlin tower

A happy bride

Gold tops

A panda in the red square

Celebrating love

Swimming horses (in concrete)

Arbat street girls

Cathederal of Christ the Savior

The Kremlin

Cherry Strudel energy hit

Marching near the body of the unknown soldier and the eternal flame

GUM department store on red square

Bolshoi Theatre of Russia

Tops of buildings at night

St Basil's on red square

tiny canon in the kremlin

Smokey reflections

Gold smoke

Nokia phone in Russia

What flash

Lookout over the water

Hat fitting

Smoking youth

Pigeons over the statue at the state library

Phones and pigeons

Family outing at the Bolshoi

Boots made for walking in the rain and cold

typical traffic congestion in Moscow

Umbrella's and Phone's

I see you

Green and gold


Is there anyone in there?

Dr Koffer

Sunset over Moscow













Excellent and besutiful work. Thanks so much for sharing. I just enjoyed a most memorable trip to Moscow.

By Bob Venezia (not verified)

Thanks for the encouraging comments Bob.  Moscow really is a great place to visit.

By Shaun

Great set, wonderful scenes, well captured!

By Justin Bonaparte (not verified)

Thanx Justin - I really enjoyed taking these pictures.

By Shaun

I think I speak for a lot of people when I say that Traveling around the world with you is great fun!
Love the pigeon photo in this collection - iconic to say the least.

By Lynda (not verified)

Thanx Lynda - I really want people to feel like they are there travelling with me when I take a photo.  I love to just capture that moment in each of the places I visit.  Watch out for the post on Saint Petersburg which I will hopefully post by the end of the weekend.

By Shaun

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