The faces, places and graces of Hong Kong

no photo please

In this series of photos I have tried to present a small glimpse in to the vibrant and varied life of Hong Kong.  Some of these photos were taken while walking the streets with Seungki - see his awesome street pics at This is a culmination of a photos I have taken over a couple of days and I have tried to include a few colour photos in this series as opposed to my last series which was all Black and White.  All photos here are taken with the Olympus O-MD E-M5 and mostly the Olympus 12mm and 45mm lens and the Voigtlander 17.5mm lens.  None of the photos in this series have been cropped - they are as composed on the streets.  Some processing was made in terms of brightness/contrast and some were converted to B&W.


This is me!

Proud to be photographed with dead dried fish!

Tired happiness

Working style in the markets

Oh what!

Don't dare mess with me!

No stresses here

Graham street wet markets

hiding in the bokeh

No photo thanks

all stripey

The colour of Red

Did you see me - please don't tell

New and old in a busy city

Seriously - it is a beauty centre!

Bike security on the corner

A green tram amongst the buildings

The MTR (with space)

yellow buses and tall buildings

Shining a light on the buildings of Hong Kong

Dried citrus skins

Just another day in the land of dried things

Wanton Soup - needed to eat once

Hong Kong from the island

What shirt

Sun and shadows


dazed by the light

really - u want a poorly composed photo!

Black and Red


not all of us are sleeping

In red and just too busy

everything can be brought to life!

Wide eyed and kool!

a practical bike with a basket and no cross bar!

This is me!

Holding up the world

Kowloon Park Statue

I think I found Ronald!




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