That crazy thing called macro!

macro lady beetle

It's all happening again!  The macro bug has literally got me again - I found myself waking up this morning and needing to go and play with the new Olympus 60mm macro lens (even though I was really really lacking sleep and needing to do other work). As I have written before, I really enjoy taking macro photography underwater and I find this to be quite relaxing, however before I venture underwater with a new lens, I like to know how it works out of the water so I am not fumbling with settings through a waterproof housing. The weather and visibility has also been fairly ordinary so I have been limited to taking photos out of the water.  

The following photos are all taken with the Olympus OM-D E-M5 and the 60mm macro lens.  Settings were mostly manual to achieve the desired results that I was looking for and while they are not the best composed macro photos, they do demonstrate what this setup is capable of if you invested more than 20-30 minutes taking random photos around a house yard.

The 6 legged tap dancer a-top a potato leaf

Posing for a photo that a baby lady beetle with backside in the air (horribly composed but they wouldn't turn for the camera)

The lady meets the ant

The beginnings of a pineapple

The jacaranda's

Apple Blossom's

ein kleine Spinne (one little spider)


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