Brisbane Zombie Walk 2012 - Part 2

Brisbane Zombie Walk

After posting the first part of this series I was asked a few questions about the settings that I used on my camera and how I post processed the photos.  I shot exclusively in Aperture Priority mode and shot with the lens wide open most times (even when shooting into the sun).  I did want to have some over exposed effects coming into the photos and I wanted to shoot without flash as well. There were a couple of times where I did stop down a little but it was fairly rare.  I also controlled my focus point and used centre weighted metering and rarely went above iso 200 or 400.

In terms of post-processing I did boost the exposure and contrast in a number of photos.  A couple of photos were taken into Nik Software Color Effects Pro and I applied some really dark conrasts to them while I did apply a little softening to a couple of other photos.  Other than that I just fiddled a little with highlights, contrast, white balance and saturation.  I tried not to spend a long time on this part of the shooting to publishing experience as I just did not have the time for it.  The photos were all shot in raw format so this gave me much more flexibility and I am sure if I sat down a little longer I could have played with each of the photos a lot longer to get a different set of results.  I didn't crop any of the photos - each were framed as best as possible when I shot.


End of the day!



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