Playing with an Olympus 75mm f1.8 lens on the streets and beyond

Shooting the streets of Brisbane

I unexpectedly received my Olympus 75mm f/1.8 lens this morning and couldn’t wait to find something to shoot with it.  I had ordered this quite some time ago, however this lens has been quite difficult to come across (especially in Australia).  I had briefly shot with this lens back in June while shooting on the streets in Malaysia with Robin Wong (see his reviews at and was super impressed with it at this time. I had predominately bought this lens to use for portraiture shooting but decided to take it out on the streets with me for a quick play today because I could. The lens unfortunately ships without a lens hood so I had ordered this at the same time, though it had shipped nearly immediately after placing the order.  I have been lucky enough to just be able to look at the lens hood imagining what a lens would look like attached to it.

My preference for shooting on the streets is definitely for a wider lens, however I still managed to grab a couple of photos with this lens in the hour I had on the streets.  The remainder of the photos were taken while playing around my house and trying to work out a few optimum settings.  All photos were shot wide open at f/1.8 unless stated.  I was merely playing and getting to know the lens.  I believe in understanding how a lens works best with your camera before using it for professional work.  I used the Olympus OM-D E-M5 for all photos.

Angelic Pretty - Olympus 75mm @ f/1.8

With the Gerbra's  - Olympus 75mm @ f/1.8

Mother and son - Olympus 75mm @ f/1.8 (you can easily notice the shallow depth of field here)

Those pesky mobile phones - Olympus 75mm @ f/1.8

A glimpse of spring sun - Olympus 75mm @ f/1.8

Difference - Olympus 75mm @ f/4

A Mulberry ready for picking - Olympus 75mm @ f/1.8

Lavender and bokeh - Olympus 75mm @ f/1.8

red fingertips - Olympus 75mm @ f/1.8

yellow bokeh - Olympus 75mm @ f/1.8

A lonely peach - Olympus 75mm @ f/1.8

An australian native flower - Olympus 75mm @ f/1.8

Another Australian native flower - Olympus 75mm @ f/1.8


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