Random Brisbane Street Photography

Its all about the flowers

I have had a few emails over the last few weeks asking if I actually shot on the streets of Brisbane and if I had any photos to share.  Now I have no excuse for the lack of posts about my street shoots in Brisbane.  I could blame it on a re-design of the site but for some reason I find it easier to post images and write stories when I am mega busy and traveling.  While at home I seem to find excuses not to post as often.  I promise to make a little more effort to post some local street pics considering I live in Brisbane and usually head out for a little shutter therapy each week.  This blog entry contains a random selection of photos that I have taken around the streets of Brisbane City over the last 6-8 months. These are a combination of both digital and film.  The film photos are shot using either Ilford Delta 400 black and white film or Kodak TMAX 400 black and white film.  I tend not to use film a lot these days, even though I like it, as it is just so expensive to buy and then have developed as compared to digital.  The going rate to have black and white film developed and scanned in brisbane is approximately AUD$35 with at least a 5-7 day wait.  I know I can shoot other film which is both cheaper and quicker to develop but I do really like some of the shots I get from the black and white film.

Its all about the flowers

That's my puppy!

A supportive wall

buy now or cry later

The Boys


Street protest

Flowers and phone

Wurst, brot und saurkraut


All about red

The glasses



The newspaper

mmmmm food

phones and a quiet mall

A family outing


Photo time!

Burnett Lane

Lighting up

Nothings too difficult

Brisbane CBD from a distance

Controversial bikes

The Violinist

Live Music in the Mall


Hey I saw the man with the dog once and also took a picture of them!

My Brisbane photos are posted on my blog and flickr

By Hao Ran (not verified)

Hi Hao Ran - he loved having his photo taken. Some great pics on your site - thanks for posting the link.




By Shaun

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