A theme of commonality

is that a phone I see

I had to walk through Brisbane city today so decided to pack my camera and take a few photos on the street.  I didn't get more than about 100m from the bus stop when I realised that there was something common about all the people around me.  It seemed as though so many of the people on the street today were actively using their mobile phones as they went about their business - in fact I hadn't really noticed how consumed so many of us have become with mobile technology.  I know I am extemely guilty of it and I have often blamed that on the fact that I am working in that field (a poor excuse), but today it just seemed the mobile technology was all around me.  It made me recall an animation project my students worked on a number of years ago where they depicted two peope walking along texting and listening to music on their iPhone's.  These two people ended up walking into each other by accident but because they were so consumed by their mobile technology they didn't even glance at each other - just apologised and kept walking.  The students then depicted the same two people walking the streets without any mobile technology and taking everything in.  When they accidently bumped into each other in this depiction of the story, they connected, spoke to each other and decided to have dinner together.

Its amazing how so many of us have to check our email, facebook, twitter or whatever it is that is so important as we are out and about.  The one thing about being on the street for a little shutter therapy is that I do not seem to be reachng for that phone all the time - I am looking around and taking in all that happens on the street.  I am looking for that one thing that captures my interest and that I want to record as a memory.  For those of you who know my style of photography you may find the following photos jsut that little bit different to my usual street photos, but I wanted to capture what seemed to be all around me and share this.  They are not what I would classify as my greatest photos, but they should give you an impression of what I saw during a 500m walk today.  Everything about this Blog entry is different. The photos are all in colour and as per usual no cropping has occurred. I shot all the photos with my Olympus OM-D E-M5 and the wonderful Panasonic 20mm pancake lens.  I hadn't shot with this lens for a very very long time, even though it was the first micro four thirds lens I ever owned.  I also used the new Olympus FL600R flash as it was such a bleak, rainy, overcast day and I thought that this would be a great place to give it a test run on the streets.  I rarely shoot with a flash on the streets, but sometimes I just like to change my normal shooting habits and try something new.

Flowers and phone

A phone with ears

A phone as a camera

Using a phone with eyes closed

Using a phone without looking at it

A spanish phone

A gold plated phone

an xchange phone

A hooded phone in black and pink

An Australian animal phone

A pie face phone

A dark knight phone

A red coated phone

An out of focus phone

A phone with red shoes

A directional phone

The romance of NO phone!

Given that I do actually conduct research, if I was to look at this photo evidence I have captured here, one could conclude that the most common phone was an iPhone and that there were more women then men using mobile phones.  Now I know that I am going to get shot down with my conclusions here but I am willing for others to provide me with photographic evidence to prove me wrong :-)




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