Out and about in Bukit Bintang

Orange Hair in Bukit Bintang

About a week ago I had the pleasure of catching up with Robin Wong (see his version of the story at http://robinwong.blogspot.com/2012/06/night-shooting-with-visitor-from.html) another fellow Olympus shooter based in Malaysia.  I originally sent him a message online asking where to get film developed in Malaysia as I knew he was a street photographer based in Kuala Lumpur and I had decided to take up my old Olympus OM4-T for a workout.  After a few messages back and forth we decided to catch up for a little shutter therapy on the streets of Malaysia in an area around “The Pavilion” and Bukit Bintang.  My afternoon prior to this was quite hectic and a little sad as I had to return my new Olympus OM-D E-M5 to Olympus in Malaysia for repairs (more on this shortly), so I was really looking forward to a little street photography.   Robin and a couple of his fellow street photographers Luke and Kelvin were more than ready for some adventure as well and after meeting at about 1830hrs we had a quick bite to eat and roamed the streets.

I have taken all the photos below with an Olympus Pen E-PL2 (luckily I packed it as a back up camera) and the new Voigtlander 17.5mm manual lens.  I have not included the f-stop of each of the photos as this is not recorded in the exif data, though most of the shots were wide open (except the girl with orange hair that I shot with a flash).  The OM4-T film photos I took on the night are still in need of being processed - the joys of using film. To view a larger version of the images please click on the photos - they may take a little while to load as they are slightly larger.

Robin Wong (see his great Blog here).  I think this photo is credited to Luke (he was playing with the Voigtlander lens for a bit) 

Kelvin and Luke waiting for us

Another Long day!

A quick snap and a satay or two

Dinner with the gas bottle

A menu with a smile

The phone is also a great camera!

Orange Hair

Not the best composed photo - but captures the mood of the night as we walked the streets

It has taken me a little while to write this entry due to being quite busy and spending a couple of days in Vietnam, where I could not resist a little street and portrait photography.  I had really hoped that all my street photography this trip would be based on my experiences with the new Olympus OM-D E-M5, however, it has again reinforced a very important lesson about having a backup camera with you.  For most people these days a mobile phone can even be a backup camera, though I was really wishing that I had bought my faithful Olympus E5 with me.  Hopefully I will be shooting the streets with Robin and his friends tomorrow morning and I should have my repaired camera back with me.



Hi..l like this blog...but please print bigger pics. Their too small ( reading this on my ipad3 ). Robin wongs blog the pics come out much bigger and l can appreciate his work.

By Ash (not verified)

Hi Ash

Thanks for your constructive feedback - I am glad that you like the blog.  I will attempt to put larger images into the body of the blog.  If you click on the actual image itself, you should be able to see an image that fills the screen of the iPad as I also use the iPad.



By Shaun

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