A day at Chow Kit Markets and Old Town PJ

Chow Kit Markets

Over the years I have had the opportunity of getting to know Malaysia while visiting for both work and a little down time – it has consequently become one of my favourite places to visit.  I am again in Malaysia for a few days and decided that while I have a little down time I should wander the markets and streets with my camera and enjoy a little of the local food on the way.

Unfortunately the weekend was extremely hazy so if you were out to take landscape photos you would be pretty much wasting your time (unless you wanted that blood orange sun photo through the haze).  This wasn’t a concern to me, and after a little Nasi Lemak for breakfast it was time to hit the streets.  The photos below are random photos (mainly black & white) taken as I ventured around Chow Kit Markets and old town PJ.  Hitting the streets and taking photos reminded me of where I was, the culture and the friendly people that I always meet as well as the awesome local food. A majority of the following mages were taken with the Olympus OM-D E-M5 with 17.5mm Voigtlander lens. To view a larger size of the photos just click on each of the images, but pls be patient as they may take some time to load)


"watching me"

"posing at Chow Kit"

"another smiling face at Chow Kit"

"showing me how it is done"

"a well earned Assam Laksa"

"waiting patiently"

"posing for a photo in old town PJ"

"the next chop"

 "cleaning fish at my favourite Chinese seafood restoran"

"Testing the lens wide open at f/0.95"




Great clicks! you 've captured real well some of very salient characteristics of Malaysia. I found myself smiling and nodding while looking through your photos. Tx Shaun

By Maryam (not verified)

Thanks Maryam - I knew you would appreciate them (and be longing to be here). 

By Shaun

Hello Shaun,
Thank you for sharing those great images and informative description of your journey. May you have a great time in Malaysia and happy shooting.
John Ari Ragai

By John Ragai (not verified)

Thanks for your kind words John and for taking the time to read and comment. 

By Shaun

Hello shaun, nice pictures, especially the two guys posing with a peace sign.

By Amir (not verified)

Thanks Amir - those two guys saw me walking around in the market and called out to me to take their photo. They were so excited to have their photo taken and I just couldn't resist. 

By Shaun

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